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In this section you will find a number of articles on housing history: the links are on the left and are mostly self explanatory. They include articles on traditional timber framing (more detail is contained in a separate Topic), 300 yrs of domestic architecture, 'potted' histories of the main construction elements (emphasis in most cases is on the last 100 years or so) and a few typical specifications of houses from various times during the 20th century. Inevitably these are very generalised; new materials and techniques were slow to 'catch on' and many old and new methods ran along side each other for years. For example, you can still buy cast iron guttering and downpipes today.

More historical information can normally be found under the main topics: Walls, Floors, Finishes etc.

This page shows a number of houses from various periods.

Pre 1700s


18th century



19th century - 'Middle class'


19th century - 'Working class'


Early 20th century (1910 to 1930)


1950s and 1960s



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